Swedish Toxicology Sciences Research Center

There is a great need to produce new tools and methods for assessing the safety of chemicals. These needs stem from both governmental agencies and innovative activities in the development of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other consumer chemicals.

Swetox will be among the first research centers that from the onset will base their work on the principles of the 3Ms (Mechanisms, Models and Markers) and 3Rs (Reduce, Refine and Replace).
This entails that the work will be focused on safety assessment targeted through better understanding of  toxicological mechanisms, development of new biomarkers of toxicity and the the development of new experimental models, all focused on mode of action-based safety assessments in humans (3M).

Implicit in these 3M aims, adherence to the principles of the 3Rs focuses on efforts to reduce the number of animals used in testing, development of more refined animal-based test methods and, ultmately, replacement of animal testing with suitably validated alternatives. Thus, Swetox will play a key role in the work to develop and implement new methods within the 3Rs in general.

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