Danish 3R-CenterDanish 3R-Center

The Swedish 3Rs Center

The Swedish 3Rs Center was constructed after an investigation was conducted in early 2010, which indicated that the construction of a 3Rs centre in Sweden could aid in promoting work and research regarding the 3Rs. After the investigation resulted in a proposition to change the animal cruelty law, the establishment of the Swedish 3Rs Center followed in December, 2016. Currently, the centre receives an annual funding of 15 million SEK. The centre acts as the executive body of the Swedish National Committee, which was established in 2013 as per Directive 2010/63/EU. Its work centres on advising animal welfare groups, promoting the exchange of information between these groups, and facilitating collaboration between stakeholders and other national committees. The centre produces an annual report which sheds more light on the committee’s and the centre’s work.

The primary aim of the centre is to promote the 3Rs in Sweden and achieve the use of fewer animals in experiments. In order to do this, the centre is focused on disseminating information regarding the 3Rs, advising on 3R methods, supporting agencies and their work on the 3Rs, promoting the collaborative use of organs and tissues, as well as contributing to best practices regarding animals for scientific use. Furthermore, the centre provides research grants for projects focus on developing methods for replacement, reduction and refinement. The grants range between 400.000 SEK and 800.000 SEK.

Danish 3R-Center

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