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The Swiss 3R Competence Centre (3RCC)

The Swiss 3R Competence Center (3RCC) was founded in March 27, 2018, as a joint initiative between academia, the industry, regulators, the government and animal welfare bodies. As a national scientific centre, it is non-commercial and is support by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education and Innovation, the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, and observer members of the center’s association. The centers three focuses include: education, research and communication. As a result, the center promotes 3R education strategies, builds a network and communication platform to disseminate up-to-date information, and monitors implementation and progress within the 3Rs.

The Swiss 3R Center promotes education by providing educational material and facilitating synergies between institutions involved in 3R education. Currently, the results of a 2018 survey has lead the center to recommend that a course on the 3R principles be established in Swiss Bachelor programmes on life sciences, bioengineering, medical, veterinary, and other relevant fields. In addition, to boost research within the 3Rs the 3RCC grants research funding to projects that will impact the 3R; open calls and targeted calls are used to find these research projects. Furthermore, the 3RCC has promoted the 3Rs and their implementation through different activities. For one, the establishment of a nationwide biostatistician task force has supported researchers working with animal testing and alternatives to animal testing, by assisting with experimental design, data analysis and reporting.

Danish 3R-Center

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