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Annual Report 2017 foreword


The Danish 3R-Center covered a wide scope of activity to promote its 3R efforts during 2017. We granted research funding and issued newsletters; we held our annual international symposium where we also presented the 2017 3R Award; we took part in many different conferences and meetings where we discussed and presented our viewpoints; and we also focused on disseminating information on our website – to name just a few of our tasks.

In addition, we held the event “Videnskab med øl til” (Pint of Science) and took part in “Science Calling” because we take our dissemination obligations seriously – not only in the world of laboratory animals and alternatives, but also in the public in general, including schoolchildren.

In 2017, we also launched a project aimed at studying the possibility of reducing the number of laboratory animals which experience severe suffering during procedures in Denmark. Further details about this project are found in this Annual Report.

We also launched the project “Possibilities and barriers to replacement in animal experimentation”, which is presented below.

In November, the Danish 3R-Center hosted yet another international symposium. The many attendees and numerous presentations demonstrated that there is still an enormous potential for collaboration to create progress within the 3Rs.

At the symposium, the results of research projects supported in previous years were presented and it was also possible to see posters from several of the ongoing projects. This year, the 3R-Center has also supported three more new 3R research projects, which you can obviously read about in this report as well.

This year, veterinarian Grete Østergaard of the University of Copenhagen was the recipient of the 2017 3R Award. Grete and her colleagues have been working to ensure that the animal experimentation required for research and teaching at the University of Copenhagen is conducted in a manner that is as ideal as possible from a 3R perspective. Grete’s enthusiasm for the cause was crystal clear in her acceptance speech at the 2017 symposium.

The efforts of the Danish 3R-Center are also focused on the next generation. We have previously commissioned teaching materials about laboratory animals and the 3Rs for use at both upper secondary and lower secondary levels. For this reason, we worked to disseminate knowledge of this in 2017, an effort that is continuing into 2018 where we will present the material at the Danish Learning Festival.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow board members and the secretariat for their great dedication in 2017. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Last, but not least, I wish to express my gratitude to the Danish Animal Welfare Society, LEO Pharma, Lundbeck, Novo Nordisk and the Ministry of Environment and Food for their support of the Danish 3R-Center in 2017.

In 2017, a political decision was made to continue the Danish 3R-Center with support from the above-mentioned stakeholders – which will now also include DOSO (Cooperation Body for Danish Animal Welfare Organizations), which decided to support the centre, and naturally we are very pleased with this.

With the decision to continue the centre, we can continue our efforts to create a leading environment for the dissemination of information and application of the 3Rs to benefit both research and the laboratory animals.

Christine Nellemann
Chairwoman of the board of the Danish 3R-Center


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