Danish 3R Prize awarded to Thomas Bertelsen


In the context of the Danish 3R Center’s symposium, the annual 3R prize was awarded to Thomas Bertelsen.

Photos: KIm Granli
Photos: KIm Granli
Photos: Kim Granli
Photos: Kim Granli

Thomas was thereby rewarded for his work with laboratory animals, which has lasted over 30 years. Thomas Bertelsen has tangibly contributed to the improvement of the living conditions of laboratory animals; he was able to do this through his work as a laboratory animal veterinarian at Statens Serum Institut, Leo Pharma and Novo Nordisk A/S, his current position. Through his engagement and passion, Thomas has advanced development within the 3Rs both internally, through his various occupational positions, and externally.

At every possible occasion, Thomas has promoted the welfare of laboratory animals. He has partly done this through countless seminars in various fora, one of them being ‘Videnskabens dag’ where his goal was to relay information on laboratory animals to Danish schoolchildren.

Besides this, Thomas has been actively engaged in external networks for many years. Through his dedication, he has maintained a prominent role within the development of animal welfare. Here are a few of the many positions he has held:

  • Member and director of LIF’s laboratory animal group (director from 2008-2009)
  • Member of ESLAV (here he acted as ESLAV’s National Representative, Coordinator of the ESLAV National Representatives in member countries, board members as well as…)
  • ESLAV’s liaison officer at LAVA Council meetings
  • Board member at CALAR
  • Member of ScandLAS
  • Representative of EEPIA’s council for laboratory animals

For the past years, Thomas has been engaged in Culture of Care. This significant contribution is one of the main reasons the Danish 3R Center has decided to award Thomas Bertelsen with the annual 3R prize. Beyond this, Thomas took initiative and established the global Culture of Care Network, where the sharing of knowledge was able to benefit all involved. During this year’s FELASA, Thomas received recognition for this contribution.
Thomas’ veterinary competences, combined with his strong engagement and action within the development of the 3R and laboratory animal community, has had a strong impact on the continuous development of the 3Rs at Novo Nordisk.

Thomas has, for over 30 years, extensively contributed to the efforts of the community for laboratory animals. Therefore, he undoubtedly deserves to win the Danish 3R Center’s 3R prize. Besides, as expressed by the President of the Danish 3R Center’s board, “Thomas is relentless!”

Congratulations Thomas!


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