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Resources from NC3Rs

NC3Rs provides an extensive library of 3Rs resources. This includes guidelines, practical information and themed hubs. Links to publications, other online resources, and video and training materials are also provided. You can find all the resources on NC3Rs website.

Platforms to share organs and tissues

  • ShARM - Shared Ageing Research Models (non profit organisation, open to all scientific investigators in the UK and overseas, aiming to accelerate research into ageing by facilitating the sharing of resources)
  • SEARCHBreast (a resource to facilitate sharing of archived material derived from in vivo breast cancer models)
  • The EUPRIM-Net Project (brings together nine European primate centres that combine research and breeding to form a virtual European Primate Centre)
  • NERD Animal Brain Bank (non-profit basic research organisation specialised within neuroecology and stereology)
  • MiTO - Models in Translational Oncology (platform for the exchange of preclinical model data relevant in translational cancer research)
  • MIDY (Munich-MIDY-Pig-Biobank) (resource for studying organ crosstalk in diabetes)
  • AniMatch (an online sharing-platform facilitating the exchange of organs and tissues of lab animals used for scientific purposes)

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