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Resources from NC3Rs

NC3Rs has an extensive library of 3Rs resources wich can support your research prior-, during- and after research. You can find all the resources on NC3Rs website.

Prior to research

Enter your research plan and retrieve valuable critique and useful suggestions to improve the design of your study to maximise output quality, secure valid results and minimise the use and suffering of experimental animals.

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During research

The grimace scale posters provide a practical, simple overview of facial expressions seen in animals when they are in pain during a study. They can be used as part of a clinical assessment of post-procedural pain.
Posters are currently available for mice, rats and rabbits.

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After research

When it is time to publish, the ARRIVE guidelines provide an extremely helpful tool to ensure your reporting is complete and readily acceptable for publishing.

The ARRIVE guidelines are intended to improve the reporting of research using animals – maximising information published and minimising unnecessary studies.

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The CRACK-IT Solutions programme offers you a platform for connections that may facilitate the distribution of your scientific solution that supplies 3Rs benefits to a wide range of experimental animal users.

A technology partnering hub to accelerate the translation of technologies with 3Rs potential ('Solutions') by helping to identify new partners and customers to use, develop and validate the technology.
Funding is available from the NC3Rs for selected new collaborations between solution providers and collaborators.

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These are just some of the resources available from the UK NC3Rs.

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Hardcopy materials

You are very welcome to contact The Danish 3R-Center to order hard hardcopies of the "Improve your research poster".

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