Vision and mission


  • There is no need for experimental animals in tomorrow's Denmark


  • The Danish 3R-Center will enhance the importance of the 3Rs for Danish laboratory animals
  • The Danish 3R-Center will work for a transition from laboratory animals to animal-free methods

Comment to our vision and mission

Since its establishment in 2013, the Danish 3R-Center has been very successful in engaging Denmark's laboratory animal facilities in the efforts to improve conditions for laboratory animals by promoting knowledge of the 3Rs.

Given that the Danish 3R-Center was established with the welfare of laboratory animals in mind, recognizing their continued necessity for research purposes in the foreseeable future, we will of course remain committed to improving laboratory animal welfare on the basis of the 3Rs.

However, recent developments have made it clear that the Danish 3R-Center should also focus on existing, and particularly future, technologies that do not involve laboratory animals, as they will enable us to unlock the potential for a laboratory animal-free future. Consequently, the Danish 3R-Center will endeavour to accumulate knowledge about animal-free research in the Life Sciences to identify potential methods that can inspire laboratory animal users to pursue explore alternative approaches.

First symposium held by the Danish 3R-Center (2014) (Photo: Lars Bahl)

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Lunch at the 3R-symposium in Copenhagen 2014 (Photo: Lars Bahl)
Gilly Griffin from Canadian Council on Animal Care at the 3R-symposium in Copenhagen 2014 (Photo: Lars Bahl)
Fanny Boisleve from Yves Rocher at the 3R-symposium 2014 in Copenhagen (Photo: Lars Bahl)