Danish 3R-CenterDanish 3R-Center

Vision, mission and tasks

  • Generate a pioneering community within the 3Rs, focused on publicizing and promoting the implementation of the 3Rs
  • Initiate activities that may lead to the immediate implementation of the 3Rs
  • Provide a forum for collaboration, discussion, exchange and revelation
  • Initiate research projects and advise on the allocation of funds within the area
First symposium held by the Danish 3R-Center (2014) (Photo: Lars Bahl)

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Lunch at the 3R-symposium in Copenhagen 2014 (Photo: Lars Bahl)
Gilly Griffin from Canadian Council on Animal Care at the 3R-symposium in Copenhagen 2014 (Photo: Lars Bahl)
Fanny Boisleve from Yves Rocher at the 3R-symposium 2014 in Copenhagen (Photo: Lars Bahl)
Danish 3R-Center

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