Axel Kornerup Hansen (Chair, board member since 2013)

"When we started the 3R-Center in 2013, my vision was to ensure real improvements in the welfare of animals used for research and development and to optimize the scientific results achieved from the individual animal, thus reducing the number of animals needed in each experiment. I still think it is a major problem that so many animals actually go to waste in research because animal experimentation often fails to yield results that are translatable to humans.

I have embraced a vision that there will be a future in which we do not – merely for the sake of research – expose animals to stress beyond what we would accept for other animals under animal welfare legislation. We are still far from realizing this, which is why I still believe that more needs to be done to improve our use of animals, with better animal models and research methods that enable us to use fewer animals in relation to obtaining our health goals for humans.

I think that in the past 10 years, the 3R-Center has contributed substantially to approaching these objectives, but our resources are too limited to do the work at the 3R-Center that would enable Denmark to make significant progress within a short time horizon."

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