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Axel Kornerup Hansen (Chairman of the board)

Axel Kornerup Hansen is a veterinarian with a doctorate in veterinary science and a Professor of laboratory animal science and welfare at the University of Copenhagen. He conducts research in the areas of reduction and refinement – primarily in rodents.

Axel’s vision for the 3R field is to ensure real improvements in the welfare of animals used for research and development and to optimise the scientific results achieved from the individual animal, thus reducing the number of animals needed in each experiment.

Axel interacts well with the research community and can therefore help initiate 3R activities at research laboratories. He can also contribute to convincing researchers that using fewer animals and optimising research methods are in their own best interests.

Axel believes that the purpose of the 3R-Center’s work is to launch more 3R projects, for several reasons. For instance, refinement projects will enhance animal welfare which makes being a laboratory animal a bit more fun and also make scientists happier as they will subject their animals to less distress. Reduction projects that increase the efficacy of animal testing and thus also increase the utilisation rate of the laboratory animals and replacement projects that can result in animal-free testing are also positive aspects for the researchers.



Chairman of the board in the Danish 3R-Center Axel Kornerup Hansen
Danish 3R-Center

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