Jan Lund Ottesen (Board member 2013-2023)

Jan Lund Ottesen was educated as veterinarian (DVM) and holds a PhD in Veterinary Medicine from Copenhagen University. He has worked with laboratory animals at Novo Nordisk for more than 25 years. He is furthermore a European Veterinary Specialist in Laboratory Animal Medicine & ECLAM (European College of Laboratory Animal Medicine) de facto diplomat (dipECLAM).
Jan’s vision for the 3R-Center comprise that everybody follow the 3R spirit so only the number of animals that is truly needed to answer a hypothesis is used; that the animals that needs to be used has as good a life as we can provide them; and that we do our outmost to use research tools that do not need animals at all.

Jan has experience in developing 3R strategies and setting/achieving yearly goals. Jan has an intention to use this experience to ensure measurable results within the 3R’s.
Jan see the mission of the 3R-Center as:

  • Increased collaboration efforts between all 3R stakeholders
  • Better dissemination of knowledge within the 3R area
  • Increased 3R research efforts within areas with an immediate effect
  • Results that can be documented to work (both short and long term)
Jan Lund Ottesen (photo: Lars Bahl)