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Peter Bollen

Peter Bollen is associate professor and head of department at the Biomedical Laboratory, University of Southern Denmark, and has been working with laboratory animals since 1992. His area of interest is improvement of anesthesia, analgesia and optimization of housing and nutrition of experimental animals. Last was also the subject of his PhD study.

He has primarily focuses on Refinement, as a consultant for researchers who wish to conduct animal experiments. This is done by assessing the degree of severity of the project, and suggesting techniques that can reduce this. An important part of this work is the determination of human endpoints prior to, and monitoring endpoints during the experiment. During consultations with researchers, the necessary number of animals are also discussed, and possibilities for reduction proposed. Peter's vision is that the 3R principles are anchored better in research environments as well in society.

Peter will contribute in the 3R Center's tasks in the dialogue on the Board of New Roads to better understand the 3R principles in research communities and society. He even teaches the 3R principles in animal science research courses to researchers, why he is responsible, and he holds a number of lectures on animal trials and 3R alternatives to animal studies for school students every year during the science festival.

For Peter, the overall objective of the 3R Center is to provide better knowledge of the 3R principles and to establish a mindset among researchers not automatically taking a starting point in animal experiment for their research, and, if an animal experiment is necessary, using the least stressful methods including least possible amount animals. This goal is best achieved through knowledge sharing, including knowledge generated by projects supported or initiated by the Danish 3R-Center.

Member of the board in the Danish 3R-Center Peter Bollen (Photo: Lars Bahl)
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