Peter Bollen (Board member since 2013)

"When the Danish 3R-Center started, I focused particularly on Refinement and advising scientists wanting to conduct animal experiments. This was mainly based on assessing the severity of the projects and focusing on methods to reduce the severity.

My vision was to secure embedment of the 3R principles in research environments and society, which would be implemented through various dissemination efforts in both research environments and society at large – such as at the annual science festival for school students, Science Calling (Videnskaben på Besøg), where I have made a great number of talks about laboratory animals and the 3Rs. I definitely believe that the Danish 3R-Center has been able to communicate its message broadly.

Over the 10 years that have passed since the establishment of the 3R-Center, I have noticed a gradual shift in the board from an approach based on 3R principles alone to intensified focus on NAMs (Non-Animal Methods). I certainly approve of this change, which is why I still believe that going forward, the center should also include this wider area of focus."

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