Peter Bollen

Peter Bollen is an Associate Professor and Head of Department at the University of Southern Denmark. Peter has worked with laboratory animals since 1992. His interests include anaesthesia improvements and optimising both the housing of laboratory animals and their nutrition. The latter was also the subject of his PhD studies.

It is Peter’s vision that he will find new ways, together with the rest of the board, for increasing the knowledge of 3R principles in the research community as well as in society. Peter will also use his international network to forge contacts with a view to knowledge sharing.

Peter also has a goal of establishing a mindset among researchers where animal testing is not automatically made integral to a planned experiment. If animal testing cannot be avoided, the least strenuous methods should be applied and no more animals than strictly necessary should be used. This goal is best achieved through knowledge sharing – knowledge that can be obtained from projects such as those financially supported by the Danish 3R-Center.