Posters at the 2016 3R-symposium

Please register your poster along with your registration for the symposium. We will contact you for information about title and content of the poster.

  • An in vitro method to predict acute lung toxicity due to pulmonary surfactant inhibition (Jorid Birkelund Sørli , National Research Centre for the Working Environment)
  • Capillary micro sampling (CMS) techniques in rodents, a reduction and refinement method that delivers high quality experimental data (Janne Koch, LEO Pharma)
  • Development of a QSAR Model for Thyroperoxidase Inhibition and Screening of 72,524 REACH substances (Marianne Dybdahl, DTU Food)
  • Establishment of an In vitro cell-model for diabetic atherosclerosis (Maiken Oestervemb Aagaard & Mette Bjerre, Aarhus University)
  • Oral dosing by voluntary  administration of jellybeans. Refinement and reduction of variability (Frederik Dagnaes-Hansen et al, University of Aarhus)
  • Potency ranking of skin sensitizers using the Reconstituted human Epdermis (RhE) IL-18 test and the Genomic Allergen Detection (GARD) test (Erwin Roggen et al, 3Rs Management and Consulting ApS)
  • Progress towards ending severe suffering: working together to achieve positive change (Elliot Lilley, Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
  • Reduction and refinement of an osteomyelitis model in pigs (Aage Kristian Olsen Alstrup, University of Aarhus)
  • Salivary alpha-amylase determination allows for non-invasive stress assessment in mice (Monika Kozak Ljunggren, Linköping University)
  • The Danish 3R-Center (Rasmus Normann Nielsen, The Danish 3R-Center)
  • Use of cell culture technology to minimize the needs for animal trials in development and production of fish vaccines (Helle Skall, University of Aarhus)

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